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Today’s guest for the #womensupportingwomen feature is Suzy of Barre3 Powell – I love reading her posts which are full of honest talk, love, and support for her community.Without further ado, let’s step in!

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Q: What is a personal favorite quote?

A: “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis

Q: What is your favorite activity when you aren’t working?

A: Reading – Once I start a book, I can’t put it down until I finish.

Q: When did you create your business, and what inspired you to start this specific business venture?

A: I’ve always had a passion for fitness. It only took me a month of teaching to know that I wanted my own studio, and just over a year later in 2017, I purchased barre3 Powell.

Q: Why was it important for you to create your business?

A: I get to help women work towards their goals, creating an uplifting and inclusive community, and staying physically active.

Q: If you could go back in time and give yourself any advice during the first year of owning your business, what would it be?

A: You’ll never make absolutely everyone happy, so keep your eye on the long-term goal and just keep taking the next right step to get there.

Q: What is your favorite part about working with/supporting your specific clients?

A: As someone who has always personally struggled with body image, I love showing women that working out does not have to be a punishment for how their bodies look or what they eat.

Q: Where can our viewers find you?

A: I am on Instagram as @SuzyStJohn and you can find my studio at @barre3powell. We offer all of our classes both in-studio (8882 Moreland St. Powell, OH 43065) and Livestream — check out our website to sign up!

Q: What does confidence mean to you?

A: It means knowing who I am, what I stand for, and what I am aiming for — letting that knowledge guide my daily decisions and allowing for grace when I misstep.

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Final Thoughts 💭

“Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself.” – Nina Garcia

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