The Micro Moda

Closet Cleanse

Alright, let’s admit it. We all wish our closets could look like a celebrity walk-in or a staged masterpiece in an advertisement – maybe not with so many shoes, but I’m not here to judge!

— The reality is that, as long as your closet meets your needs, you’ll feel great whenever you open the door or pick something out of it.

You won’t need someone else’s Pinterest-worthy, color-coded, has every tie – dress – belt – whatever, because you’ll have your own!

You’ll stop feeling envious, overwhelmed, guilty, and unsure of what to wear. You’ll feel like a million bucks, no offense to billionaires.

Bri choosing an outfit

It’s Time To Let It Go

A closet cleanse is more than just a decluttering session! It’s the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your priorities, reaffirm your lifestyle, and deliberately recommit to self-expression through your clothing.

Sure, we’ll be working together to decide what clothing you’ll keep, alter, donate, and consign – but the spirit of discovery is in the process, not the outcome.

And regardless of your wardrobe’s current state, reducing inessentials will clear away the clutter of past-you to make the necessary space for now-you!

Realign Your Style

Your style is a personal reflection of your values, though maybe hard to see as you look through the piles of hand-me-downs, clearance chaos, and faulty final sale items that you’ve unintentionally accumulated.

When we’re young, everything is about fitting in. We dress to express ourselves. Then we say, ‘That person is wearing my favorite brand. We have commonalities. We should hang out!’ Our clothing opens the door to friendships.

And surprisingly, as adults – not much has changed. Everything is still about fitting in. The difference now is that we’re networking. Our ‘look’ has become less about expression and more about impression, and it’s sending mixed signals.

We’re unique and individual, and professionalism doesn’t have to mean bland. It should mean bringing out the best of you daily. And what better place to start than with confidence?

— When you look good – you feel good. And more importantly, when you feel good, you bring the best of you everywhere, and into every interaction.

The Overview

  1. We’ll begin by Finding Your Style. This is session zero — an open and relaxed discussion to help me understand the styles that speak to you and to start brainstorming ways to level up your wardrobe right away.
  2. Then we’ll move onto Cleansing Your Closet. This involves conducting a Closet Audit and a Closet Edit. We’ll take breaks as necessary and go at a pace you’re comfortable with.

The Process

Phase 1. Finding Your Style

We’ll launch into what styles you’re drawn to and why, and then create your personal branding and image. To do this you’ll define your personal or business style with keywords like fun, flirty, or badass.

Using an imageboard, such as Pinterest, we’ll pull together visual examples of your style preferences from your keywords that I will reference as I curate your closet.

And don’t worry, If you’re struggling to find your keywords, we’ll spend some time discovering those together.

Phase 2. Cleansing Your Closet

We’ll use the Moda Method to conduct a Closet Audit and a Closet Edit.

This is your chance to get honest with yourself about what pieces you love, what pieces are no longer serving you, and what pieces you still need to fill any fashion gaps.

Auditing Your Closet

We’ll be looking for pieces in your current wardrobe that answer YES to the three Fs

  • Does it Fit?
  • Does it Function?
  • Does it Flatter?

Whether we opt to work in person or virtually, I’ll meet you in your closet and begin a relaxed and comprehensive wardrobe consultation. You should take breaks as needed.

We’ll already have clarity on your style preferences and keywords from Phase 1 so this should be fun and easy!

Editing Your Closet

It should be pretty apparent at this point in the closet cleanse which pieces meet your standards, and which pieces don’t.

There may be some things that you’ll want to keep for sentimental reasons, and that’s ok. And other pieces that almost make the cut. For these pieces, we’ll decide if something is

  • Worth keeping but will require slight alterations or tailoring to fit you just right; or
  • Is no longer worth your money, time, energy, space, or feeling bad about it, and should be donated or consigned.

The process of distilling your wardrobe down to only essential and highly motivating pieces will leave you feeling free!

Styling Pricing

Single session to regain closet clarity
Closet Cleanse
Micro Moda
  • 1:1 Personal Styling
  • Email Support Only
  • Standard Closet Cleanse
  • Creative Styling Tips

The current offering.

3-month styling to revitalize your closet
Intentional Wardrobe
Midi Moda
  • 1:1 Personal Styling
  • Email and Voxer Support
  • Seasonal Closet Cleanse
  • Seasonal Closet Creation
  • Seasonal Closet Curation
  • 10+ New Outfits

Our most popular upgrade.

Please consider our intentional wardrobe styling experience to get even more out of our time together!