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Our single-session services are designed to kickstart your wardrobe overhaul and overcome overwhelm in as little as one session!

— We understand that everyone’s style needs are different, so we offer services that highlight the individual steps of our 3-Step Style Strategy when longer-term services might not apply.

Styling Sessions

Closet Cleanse
Step 1: Clean

Get a clear overview of your style preferences and needs by removing clothing and accessories that no longer serve your lifestyle.

Closet Creation
Step 2: Shop

Get personalized shopping pulls that you can shop at your convenience. We’ll find specific articles and accents that best complement you.

Closet Curation
Step 3: Organize

Get a fresh and revitalized outfit lookbook that creatively combines pieces you own and showcases your signature style and self-expression!

Please consider upgrading to Intentional Wardrobe styling for a comprehensive style strategy.

We only recommend single-session services if you are not able to commit to longer-term styling editions.

Style Strategy

Single-session services are designed for style emergencies that needed resolution yesterday. They are not quick fixes to larger styling needs and should never substitute as such.

Which service is right for you? Check out some key differences and see which service offering best serves your specific needs.

Single-Session Service

  • Snapshot that performs a specific purpose and is built to deliver that purpose with ease.
  • Timebound. You know what you need, and professional help will let you execute it in a timely manner.
  • Optimized for one specific goal.

Longer-Term Service

  • Wholesome approach that involves the entire 3-Step Style Strategy as part of our core methodology for finding your style.
  • Opportunity to grow, and adapt your choices over time as the discovery of your own style preferences surface.
  • Consistent and personalized styling that delivers unified results across your entire closet.

Single-Service Goals

Here are some helpful examples of the types of purpose-driven goals clients of our single-session styling services might have:

  • Closet Cleanse to sell, donate, or disperse the clothing and accessories of a deceased loved one; a
  • Closet Creation to shop for pieces that align with the company dress code at your new job; or a
  • Closet Curation to gather looks from your own closet for an upcoming conference.

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