Closet Creation

Micro Moda

Shopping—unless you have infinite time and energy—is the most encumbered errand ever known.

What could be more fun than sifting through hundreds of disorganized, misrepresented, and ill-fitting outfits for hours while sales associates ignore or overwhelm you?

— If a shopping excursion requires deep meditative breathing, a mid-day snack, or a second outing, I feel stressed out for you! Alright, drama aside, onto this week’s lesson! 

Some things are worth your energy, and some things aren’t. Your attention is precious.

It’s pretty simple, between work, family, friends, and the elusive alone time, If you aren’t being intentional with your time, you’re wasting it.

Bri showing closet creation examples by pairing items

Thanks, I’m just browsing

Stop. Never has a more seemingly harmless and highly defensive declaration been spoken than “Thanks, I’m just browsing”. And once it’s been spoken, you can’t take it back, game over. Let’s unpack this one.

Why do we say it, and always so reflexively? We quickly speak it, turn away, and seem overly interested in a random piece of clothing we don’t even care about. It comes down to fear.

  • Fear of judgment. “Oh honey, those lapels died years ago!”
  • Fear of embarrassment. “You said you were what size?”
  • Fear of being wrong. “We don’t carry that here.”
  • Fear of gossip. “Is that so-and-so? Why do they shop here?”
  • Fear for safety. “This is menswear, not women’s.”

Feeling starved for the right kind of attention has driven us to the brink of our insecurities, flooded our responses with anxiety, and forced us to deny ourselves expert guidance and proper care.

Let’s get you back on track. Give away some of the perceived personal control that shopping brings you, and allow me to help. Your time, energy, and attention are precious. Why waste them browsing?

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The overview

  1. We’ll begin by finding your style. This is session zero — an open and relaxed discussion to help me understand the styles that speak to you and to start brainstorming ways to level up your wardrobe right away.
  2. After that, we’ll start creating your closet by going shopping! This can be done online or in person, location permitting. We’ll have a try-on session once your orders arrive.

The process

Phase 1. Finding your style

We’ll launch into what styles you’re drawn to and why, and then create your personal branding and image. To do this you’ll define your style with keywords like alternative, chic, or creative.

Then, using an imageboard, we’ll pull together visual examples of your style preferences from your keywords that we can reference as we curate your closet.

If you’re struggling to find your keywords, we’ll spend some time discovering those together.

Phase 2. Creating your closet

Any gaps that we notice in your closet will be filled as we discuss shopping for new and specific pieces to add to your wardrobe.

We’ll talk through the details of why I chose those pieces for you—and help you fill your cart with the pieces you love.

Shopping Options

  • Online shopping: I’ll provide you with a board of hand-picked pieces that you can order at your convenience.
  • In-person shopping: I’ll select stores that align with your needs and that we’re excited to shop at together.
  • Personal shopping: I’ll do the online shopping for you and you’ll receive your orders directly to your doorstep.

When we’re finished shopping and your orders arrive, we’ll have a try-on session, and I’ll help you pair your pieces perfectly.

Styling pricing

Single session for stressless personal shopping
Closet Creation
Micro Moda
  • 1-on-1 Personal Styling
  • Standard Support
  • Standard Closet Creation
  • Creative Styling Tips
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3-month styling to revitalize your closet
Intentional Wardrobe
Midi Moda
  • 1-on-1 Personal Styling
  • Priority Support
  • Seasonal Closet Cleanse
  • Seasonal Closet Creation
  • Seasonal Closet Curation
  • Special Occasion Styling
  • 10+ New Outfits

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