Closet Curation

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Do you look in your closet and know that there are so many undiscovered outfits, but feel overwhelmed by the thought of putting them all together?

— Or maybe you find yourself wearing the same exact things over and over, leaving articles untouched for months at a time?

Even though you know that what you wear is important, you’re unmotivated or uninspired by what’s in your closet, and you don’t know where to start anyway.

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Lookbook closet curation

Closet curation helps you rediscover outfits within your own closet as well as new ways to wear them! Your closet is already a gold mine of stylish pieces that perfectly reflect your vision and personality, you just need a little help to reconnect with them!

The closet curation process takes clothes you already own and explores ways to create new outfits by mixing, matching, and creatively combining pieces in original ways. By the end of our time together, you won’t need to spend any more of your time wondering how things will look together, or if pieces pair well.

Each lookbook is personalized to your needs because it uses the clothing you already own, wear, and love! Outfits also include suggested shoe pairings, accents, accessories, and styling callout tips!

The only thing you need to do is pick which outfit you want to wear, put your look on, and enjoy your “new” outfit!

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The overview

  1. We’ll begin by finding your style. This is session zero — an open and relaxed discussion to help me understand the styles that speak to you and to start brainstorming ways to level up your wardrobe right away.
  2. Then we’ll move onto curating your closet. You’ll take pictures of relevant wardrobe items and upload them all to your virtual closet for me to curate.
  3. And lastly, your closet overview. I’ll craft a personalized lookbook using your virtual closet, and deliver a number of versatile and hand-picked looks for you.

The process

Phase 1. Finding your style

We’ll launch into what styles you’re drawn to and why, and then create your personal branding and image. To do this you’ll define your style with keywords like alternative, chic, or creative.

Then, using an imageboard, we’ll pull together visual examples of your style preferences from your keywords that we can reference as we curate your closet.

If you’re struggling to find your keywords, we’ll spend some time discovering those together.

Phase 2. Curating your closet

Photographing your current wardrobe may take some time depending on how many relevant pieces you have.

Styling Options

  • In-person styling: I take pictures with you to speed things up, and am available via virtual support too!
  • Virtual styling: I support you virtually through email, Voxer, and video—get in touch if you need anything!

Be sure to include the accessories, shoes, and jewelry that you typically wear as well.

It will be easiest to curate a great virtual closet for you if the pieces are laying flat on a contrasting surface. Once you’ve got the images, just upload them to your virtual closet on Hue & Stripe, and I’ll take over from there!

If you need guidance with the photos, we’ll go over some techniques so you can get the most out of the process.

Phase 3. Your closet overview

Using the imageboard we created earlier as inspiration and the photographs we uploaded to Hue & Stripe of your wardrobe, I’ll craft your personalized digital lookbook.

You’ll receive the finished lookbook with outfit suggestions, unique styling options, and plenty of accessorized looks in your Hue & Stripe closet.

During our last meeting to answer any final questions, I’ll go over some creative styling tips you can use to further customize your new looks!

  • Personalized lookbook: 10 New outfits

Styling pricing

Single session to rediscover your love of clothes
Closet Curation
Micro Moda
  • 1-on-1 Personal Styling
  • Standard Support
  • Standard Closet Curation
  • 10 New Outfits
The current offering.
3-month styling to revitalize your closet
Intentional Wardrobe
Midi Moda
  • 1-on-1 Personal Styling
  • Priority Support
  • Seasonal Closet Cleanse
  • Seasonal Closet Creation
  • Seasonal Closet Curation
  • Special Occasion Styling
  • 10+ New Outfits

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Most popular upgrade.

Please consider upgrading to Intentional Wardrobe styling for a comprehensive style strategy.