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Workshops developed to give your organization the boost it needs to grow! After all, the first impression can make all the difference.

— Expect immediate impact with actionable worksheets, discussions, and tips to elevate your professional presence.

  • Empower individuality with work-appropriate attire.
  • Apply your personal style to boost morale and productivity.
  • Streamline wardrobe overhead and reduce morning stress.

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Dream Style Workshop
2-Hour Workshop

Ready to discover your style and build a closet brimming with confidence?

  • Uncover what your dream style looks and feels like
  • Learn to overcome challenges by dressing intentionally
  • Get style tips and tools to apply daily — every day!

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Popular for informal events

Brand Style Workshop
2-Hour Workshop

Ready to supercharge your brand by leveraging the power of your style?

  • Uncover your signature style and its role in branding
  • Learn to apply your style to create an effective brand
  • Get confident and complement your signature style

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Popular for formal events

Meal-Prep Your Closet
30-Minute Presentation

Ready to create a strategy for effective mornings and alleviate unnecessary wardrobe woes?

  • Uncover your style words and what you want from your image
  • Learn about capsule, seasonal, and intentional wardrobes
  • Get started creating a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle

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