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Our Styling Services help you find your style, unlock your confidence, and never go out of style. This season’s trends? Your style.

  • Special occasions
  • Short or long-term styling
  • Intentional capsule wardrobes
  • Dedicated 1-on-1 styling

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Imagine your dream weekend. You’re on the beach, at the lake, or dining exclusively. The weather is ideal, and you’re having the best time!

Why not extend your escape and turn a weekend into a week-long getaway at a moment’s notice? Get the Intentional Wardrobe Starter to see how.

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Hi, I’m Bri!

I’m a personal stylist and I’m excited to help you achieve your image goals! Your style is my business and finding it shouldn’t feel overwhelming, undeserved, or unnecessary.

— Imagine the possibilities and allow yourself the opportunity to pursue the leveled-up you. Whatever your goals are, they all start with an idea, a desire, and a dream of who you want to be.

What does a personal stylist do?

A personal stylist provides personalized outfit recommendations, suggests items for purchase, and offers expert advice. By working with your unique needs and preferences, a personal stylist can create a customized style plan to help you look and feel your best.

Our goals for you

We believe that discovering together and understanding your needs is essential, as feeling good often translates into looking good. Being excited to wear clothes you feel confident in is the top priority in our style plan!

Working with us means you can be your authentic self while having someone hold you accountable to your style vision.

  • Bring confidence and power back into your daily routine
  • Present yourself exactly how you want the world to see you
  • Learn that clothing isn’t your enemy and instead an ally and one of your greatest means for self-expression

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