Who We Are

About Vostra Moda

We are a queer, nerd-forward personal styling company that helps purpose-driven folks embrace their unique style superpowers.

Our mission is to unleash your true potential through confidence, competence, and uncompromised outfit authenticity.

We are committed to holding space for those in marginalized communities and focus on education and intentionality to improve the world one stylish client at a time.

And we listen to our clients, give them permission to explore and love their style, and motivate them to spread that positivity.

Our team

Well-oiled machine

Bri, official style master of Vostra Moda
Bri White
Creator & Co-Founder

Hey there, I’m Bri — personal fashion stylist, and lover all things fall!

I enjoy experimenting with my wardrobe and helping you explore yours so you can embrace what brings you joy through your unique style.

And, I wholeheartedly embrace my inner nerd, fueled by a passion for cosplay, tabletop roleplaying games, and video games.

Signature Style: Cateye, themed earrings, and all clothing covered in dog fur.

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Sam, official tech wizard of Vostra Moda
Sam Geer
Co-Owner & Co-Founder
Any pronouns

Hey, I’m Sam. Apparently, my dog has more to say than I do.

Signature Style: Griever necklace, double gauges, septum piercing, and forever broken glasses.

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Yasha playing in leaves
Yasha Money
Comic relief & patience tester
Little One or Cakes

I’m so woofin happy to meet you! Here are the things I love:

  • Playing chase and ball endlessly
  • Swimming so much I almost die
  • Being disinterested in daytime naps
  • Contrafreeloading-4-life
  • Interrupting all calls and recordings
  • My tasteful mange fur patterns
  • Learning my speech buttons so I can annoy my parents in English

My Signature Style: Jellybean Sugar harness and Lightning Bugs collar

Our story

Vostra Moda history

Vostra Moda began as a passion project in a cramped 2-person college dorm when Bri was 17. For those of you counting, that was over 1,000 years ago.

Well, if we’re totally honest, it could have started when she was 4 years old playing dress-up, but let’s fast-forward to the good part!

At that time she was a model collaborating with other models, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists on creative, commercial, and educational endeavors. It was a lot of fun and a great way to get to know creatives in the business!

It also afforded her 10+ years of experience in the fashion world and enough pocket money to afford the fancy brand of instant noodles, you know the one. Being on set and behind the scenes garnered her this invaluable insight:

We all deserve to be seen, to be heard, and to be able to express ourselves.

This idea became the seed for Vostra Moda. In a world where fashion can feel like a daunting and inaccessible industry, we are breaking down barriers and creating a space where everyone can feel confident and authentic in their personal style.


We keep growing ↓


Vostra Moda rebrands. Why? Because we’re bored. Just kidding. It’s time to focus our efforts on our people: queer-nerd-gamer-geek-eccentrics.

Spreading Style

Vostra Moda has been featured on 20 podcasts, hosts speaking and teaching events regularly, and unexpectedly expands into the realm of men’s styling.

Taking Action

Vostra Moda is officially registered as a New Hampshire business and launches personal styling services tailored to empowering women.

Generating Ideas

Vostra Moda is unofficially founded and soft-launches at the height of a pandemic, exploring a 100% virtual styling model.

Our values

Guiding principles

These values define our company culture, shape our interactions, and drive us to provide exceptional services that positively impact our client’s lives.


We believe that an ongoing and active partnership is the best way to craft a personalized look that authentically represents our client’s unique style and personality.


We believe that everyone should have access to the transformative and empowering experience that comes with confidence, competence, and outfit authenticity.


We believe in continuous improvement, both for ourselves and our clients, which ensures that our mindsets evolve along our clients’ style journeys.


We believe that it’s important to connect with our clients on a deeper level, listening to their specific needs, and providing personalized support throughout their style journey.


We believe in building strong connections, and we work to deliver on our promises, provide transparent and reliable service, and always put our clients’ best interests first.


We believe in creating a non-judgmental environment where individuals can express themselves, free from the constraints of societal norms or expectations.

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