Hi, I’m Bri!

candle collector, coffee enthusiast, and dog-mom. I spend my days empowering entrepreneurs and queer individuals through clothing, and my nights nerding out over video games, D&D, and fantasy novels.Oh yeah, and I’m also a personal stylist

Bri taking a call on her purse-phone

Where it all began

I started styling myself around 4 years old with the contents of my dress-up bucket. Skirts became capes, necklaces became belts, and tiaras became…well tiaras because you can’t get much more creative than a crown!

To this day, I still have a large bucket labeled “costumes”, which has downsized enormously from previous years but still holds a special place, and some special pieces in my heart.

Fast forward a few decades to college when I started pursuing my creative interests in photography and modeling.

Through a series of events, I began modeling for a local photography studio’s 101 lighting class. It was love at first pose. I met talented models and photographers who inspired me to continue modeling.

I learned to be creative by using what I already had: costume pieces combined with the unique items I had in my wardrobe. I created looks that felt personal to each photoshoot based on the photographer’s vision, not only for my own shoots but other model’s shoots as well.

My love of creating new looks from only a handful of items challenged me in the best ways, and I began styling family, friends, and anyone willing to create more outfit opportunities from their closet. Just imagine what I was able to curate for them when we went shopping!

Why Styling?

My experiences collaborating with artists and styling those I cared for taught me valuable lessons about my day-to-day life. The most important lesson being that we all deserve to be seen, to be heard, and to be able to express who we are.

That principle is what gives me the confidence and empowerment to help others find intention in their lives through their wardrobe.

I help entrepreneurs and individuals in the queer community find confidence through clothing instead of using it to hide behind so they feel empowered to be seen.

I want you to

  • Share the feeling I get when I put on an outfit that lifts my mood, my confidence, and empowers me to physically stand taller.
  • Experience peace and joy upon opening your closet door, not the overwhelming oppression of items that no longer support your lifestyle.
  • Know right away how to present yourself to the world. Because you’ll know which pieces pair together to best express yourself.
  • Know that the clothes you put on your body are not your enemy – They’re your greatest ally and form of self-expression if you choose.

You have the power to change the world.

When you feel inspired and confident, those around you feel it too. When you feel seen, heard, and supported, others respect and seek the same.

Showing even one person what they are capable of becoming and watching them share with the world when they feel seen and heard creates a domino effect because their confidence and empowerment inspire others, who inspire others, and so on.

My goals for YOU when we work together

For you to

  • Bring confidence and power back into your daily routine.
  • Present yourself exactly how you want the world to see you.
  • Learn that clothing isn’t your enemy, and instead, an ally and one of your greatest means for self-expression.

Work With Me

Bri working with a client
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