Gifting and Giving

There’s always moda give

Whether you’re spreading the word or supporting your friends on their style journey, there’s always more to give!

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Style rewards

From us to you

Our Style Rewards are our way of saying thank you to our amazing clients and supporters! We sincerely appreciate you and can’t wait to work with you and your friends soon!

Referral Rewards
Referral Program

Our Referral Rewards will help you continue to refine and express your style! Pick one:

  • A lookbook with 5 personalized looks, or
  • 2 virtually shopped outfits

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For past clients

Restyle Rewards
Loyalty Program

Our Restyle Rewards help us give back to our loyal return clients. Pick one:

  • A lookbook with 10 personalized looks,
  • An additional 30 days of Voxer support, or
  • 1 bonus shopping trip, virtual or in-person1

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For return clients

Style start

Get styled today

Our Style Start Programs offer convenient ways to give and receive styling services at affordable prices. They’re designed so you, your friends, and your colleagues, can find your style quickly!

Start Plan
Payment Program

Our Start Plans are flexible payment plans that help make personal styling more affordable.

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Easy monthly payments

Start Card
eGift Program

Our Start Card is an eGift that makes sharing and paying for single-session services easy.

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Make gifting simple

1 In-person shopping is location permitting.