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Personal styling services to conquer your wardrobe and power-up your style! Craft a powerful image, receive fashion advice, and get outfit recommendations from a real person.

Remaster, remake, or reboot your style and unleash your true potential through confidence, competence, and uncompromised outfit authenticity!

  • Stop wasting time and energy endlessly scrolling or battling crowded stores.
  • Discover your unique style and enter advanced character customization mode.
  • Never go out of style with versatile, personalized looks from an expert stylist, not an algorithm.

Styling editions

Fashion styling services

Micro Moda
Special Editions
  • 1-to-1 Style Mentoring
  • Styling Support Options
  • 1-Hour Consult Option
Mini Moda
Standard Editions
Midi Moda
Complete Editions
Maxi Moda
Ultimate Editions
To provide you with the best service, we only accept a limited number of 1-to-1 styling clients.

How it works

Begin your journey

Styling Inquiry
Step 1: Request

We review your service request and assess your areas for development. You schedule your free 30-minute consultation.

Free Consultation
Step 2: Prepare

We answer your questions and match you with the right service to help you achieve your goals. You schedule your session zero.

Session Zero
Step 3: Initiate

Together we create an inspirational image board and develop a customized style map. You schedule your first session!

Styling Support
Step 4: Deliver

Throughout the service, we deliver expert support to guide you toward achieving your goals with personalized 1-to-1 attention.

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Client compliments

Share your story

No one says it better than you. Here are some highlights of your exceptional experiences. Thank you!

I don’t just look better, I think better

Where do I start? Working with Bri has been more than an amazing experience. She is extremely attentive to details and really listens to me while also nudging me to get out of my comfort zone.

Thanks to her I don’t just look better, I also think better.

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Committed to client success

I worked with Bri for three speaking engagements. Throughout the process she focused on my needs, checked in consistently, and listened when I needed to pivot or adjust.

My favorite part of the experience was validating and learning more about my style which led to successful shopping trips of my own!

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Style can be informative

I generally hate shopping, but Bri taught me how not finding the right fit or style can be informative rather than disheartening, and how to take that information to find something I truly want.

We created a style I love

Before styling, I felt overwhelmed and stressed about buying new items. I wasn’t clear on my style, or my business’s brand style, so choosing new items was really hard.

Once we talked, we were able to create a style that I am in love with, and now when I shop I end up buying less!

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I have found confidence

Since working with Bri, I have found confidence in my outfits and I’m excited to get dressed every day!

That part of my life is so uncomplicated and fun compared to the worry and indecision I felt before. I can’t recommend this enough, it was such a fun exciting process!

Thank you for the 1000th time

I had to say thank you for the 1000th time for helping me learn that I had a style and in 3 months help me do what I’d been trying and failing to do for 10 years!

She encouraged me

Before I worked with Bri, I felt uncomfortable. The size of my body was changing and so was my style. Nothing was connecting.

She encouraged me to express what I liked and empowered me to create a wardrobe that matched who I am now and who I want to be.

Above and beyond

Bri helped me with a last-minute destination photoshoot. She got on a video call and pulled together some amazing options. Highly recommend!

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I was blown away

Bri has such a great eye for detail. She combined pieces that I never thought of, and the lookbook made complete outfits so easy to see. I was blown away at how organized it was! I’d love to use her services all the time, she’s just that good!

Creative and professional

Thank you for your expertise with my photoshoot. I really enjoyed working with you and you made the shoot more creative and professional. I’m so happy with the images! I hope we get to work together again soon!

So empowered

So empowered by these new skills and the achievable goals we created! I am confidently telling anyone who may be on the fence about doing this, to jump in and go for it!

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Styling questions

Do I need a personal stylist?

That’s a great question! We would love to hear more and see if there’s any way we can help.

Do you offer virtual styling?

Yes! We launched during the height of a pandemic, so virtual services are the cornerstone of our styling solutions.

Do you offer in-person styling?

Yes! Whether in the same city or traveling to you — we love it when our clients feel comfortable enough to invite us into their closets or on-set with them.

I’m transitioning, should I wait?

Please, don’t wait! Whether your weight, shape, or mobility circumstances are changing, you still need to get dressed.

Confidence, support, and positive incentives are so important to help you achieve your goals and feel good about your current situation.

Why are services so expensive?

Our prices reflect the high level of custom attention our clients expect to receive and more.

Service benefits

  • We offer dedicated 1-to-1 personal styling services that cover a range of prices and offers.
  • We check with clients weekly or bi-weekly to schedule, coordinate, and make updates for their needs.
  • Many of our services include same-day support that positions our stylists on retainer.
  • Upon request, we offer extended office hours for a truly personalized and VIP experience.

If you’re still unsure whether personal styling is right for you, please schedule a free 30-minute consultation to chat about your specific style needs.

  • We want to provide the most transparent and practical styling experience in the multiverse. Please share your feedback and help us improve!
Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer convenient monthly payment plans for most of our personal styling services.

Save 3% by paying in full.

How does styling support work?

We offer progressive support tiers and separate add-ons to allow you to fully customize your level of support.

Bronze support includes essential email communication.

  • Responses are typically within 48 business hours.
  • Online shopping option included.
  • Included in all 1-to-1 Styling Editions.


Silver support includes deluxe voice and text communication.

  • Responses are typically within 24 business hours.
  • In-person and Virtual shopping options included.
  • Included in Complete and Ultimate Styling Editions.


Gold support includes premium video communication.

  • Responses are typically within 12 business hours.
  • Personal shopping option included.
  • Included in Ultimate Styling Editions only.

Support Add-ons

Our support add-ons are a great way to customize or enhance your service to better accommodate your needs.

+ platinum

The platinum add-on includes priority communication on the support platform of your choosing.

  • Responses are typically within 8 hours.
  • Included in Special Styling Editions only.

+ diamond

The diamond add-on includes extended communication hours on all your available support platforms.

  • Extended communication hours can be useful to ease scheduling conflicts due to time zone differences.
  • Included upon request only.

Check the Styling Terms for full details.

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Bri taking a client consult call

Get a dedicated personal stylist to work 1-to-1 with and help curate a closet that supports and represents the next-level-you.

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