Style Showcase

Small group styling

Help your audience express their style as personal, but not exclusive — unique, but not strange — and a worthy challenge to undertake.

There’s no better way to show off your style than to showcase it! From retail to second-hand, your selection is as distinctive as your client’s preferences.

  • Help patrons discover hidden treasures in your store.
  • Give VIP treatment to your dedicated supporters.
  • Incite excitement and confidence to return.

Demonstration details

What to expect

It’s hard to incorporate new pieces into your wardrobe when your closet is miles away, and people can quickly become overwhelmed by options and time constraints.

Using your showcase items as inspiration, we’ll pair pieces throughout your store to create outfits that perfectly complement your patron’s styles.

Our Recommendations

  • A maximum of 8 participants and 2 staff.
  • A designated area to speak and model clothing.
  • Light refreshments and non-sticky or powdery snacks.
  • Private try-on rooms with enthusiastic and attentive staff.
  • 4-hour time block to dedicate a half-hour per participant.
  • Clothing highlights from the current or upcoming season, or a specific clothing line you would like to showcase.

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