Showcase your courageous side with a bold color

Hey, Style Slayers — Happy Moda Monday!

Welcome Inside the Closet! In this edition, we’re sharing 1 quest, 2 tips, and 3 looks to help you embrace your unique style superpowers — Let’s step in! 👇

1 Quest for you to try

This week, you’ll introduce a bright color into your usual color palette to push your color comfort zone. We can easily fall into “comfortable color choices”, and sometimes need to show ourselves we can shake things up and take bold chances.

How to participate

  1. Choose: Select an adventurous color for at least one item in your outfit.
  2. Create: Showcase your courageous side with this statement piece.
  3. Capture: Share your outfit with #VostraModaQuest, or reply to this email with your entry.

The most inspiring outfit will be featured next week! Please let me know if you would like to remain anonymous.

2 Tips to help you slay

For this week’s quest, I’ve chosen a pair of bold orange shorts. Orange is one of those colors many folks get nervous about because it’s so vibrant and can be challenging to integrate into your look confidently. But we’re here to slay our closet monsters, so challenge accepted!

Your look could be as simple as a pair of orange shorts and neutrals for every other piece in your outfit. If you’re intimidated by color, play with different neutrals like navy, cream, black, or brown. Most importantly, have fun!

Our style suggestions

  1. Are you usually a neutral NPC? Start small by adding color to your outfit through your shoes or an accessory!
  2. Loud and proud with color? Combine the color with different textures for more outfit depth!
Bri pairing bold colors in her outfit with bright orange shorts and a cobalt blue top and blazer

3 Looks for you to shop

Upgrade your wardrobe with just one click! Shop these fresh looks to trend the multiverse and never go out of style.

The Mr.

The Mr. fashion flatlay for bright colors featuring orange shorts

The Mx.

The Mx. fashion flatlay for bright colors featuring orange shorts

The Ms.

The Ms. fashion flatlay for bright colors featuring an orange skirt

Shop These Looks

Until next week!

👉 Share your quest success with #VostraModaQuest or reply to this email for a chance to be featured in next week’s email. Please let me know if you would like to remain anonymous.

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.” — Jerry Dunn

Stylishly yours,

— Bri

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