Restyle your style

Way more than a traditional loyalty program, Restyle is your ticket to expand and polish your already leveled-up wardrobe!

— It’s time to get noticed for the hard work you put forth on our journey together – without spending more money, time, and energy.

Restyle rewards

Because we’ve worked together before, we already know you’re amazing and can’t wait to give you extra care! To show our gratitude, we’d like to share one of the following with you…

  • A lookbook with 10 personalized looks;
  • An additional 30 days of Voxer support; or
  • A bonus shopping trip, in-person1 or virtual, your choice!

Thank you, again

Whether you need a new seasonal wardrobe, help sifting through too many shopping trips, or your cousin’s brother-in-law’s daughter is getting married, We want to work with you again!

And if your life has taken an unexpected turn or your style preferences have changed – there’s no shame in seeking expert guidance to get back on track.

Expect no ripped high school t-shirt unhung and no old job uniform unjustified. We’ve got history, so stop making excuses for your clothing, and let’s do this together!

Restyle questions

What is Restyle?

Restyle is a loyalty program designed to give more value to our repeat clients without the burden of reward tiers and point tracking.

Our rewards are rolled directly into the styling services you are already using. This allows us more opportunities to hone your style and satisfy your wardrobe needs!

Who is eligible to receive loyalty rewards?

Eligible participants must be repeat clients of any of our 1-to-1 personal styling services with an open account and no past-due debt.

How do I claim loyalty rewards?

Loyalty rewards are claimed after successfully completing the client sign-on process.

The client sign-on process includes:

  1. Filling in our client request;
  2. Accepting our styling terms; and
  3. Receiving a welcome email of a successful sign-on.
How do I redeem loyalty rewards?

Your loyalty rewards will be redeemed during the term outlined by your styling service.

Can I opt-out of loyalty rewards?

Yes, just kindly request redemption emails no longer be sent.

See the Reward Terms for full details

1 In-person shopping is location permitting