Midi Moda

Intentional Wardrobe

Ready to unveil this season’s current style trends? Forget about trying to keep up with the latest fashions, and instead, get real with yourself and your personal style. Whether you want to focus on…

  • Building a wardrobe with pieces you already own and filling any gaps in your closet with something new;
  • Letting go of pieces that don’t support the life you’re living and don’t align with your personality; or
  • Creating a seasonal wardrobe you love so much you can’t wait to show it off — Your dream closet awaits you!

You can feel confident, comfortable, stylish, and on fleek every single day when you bring intention to your style toolbox.

Bri creating an intentional wardrobe by pairing specific items together

Intentional wardrobe creation

You owe it to yourself to love your style, and that means no more sorting through piles of clothes that you kinda like, don’t like, don’t remember buying or just plain hate!

Only owning pieces that truly fit your most authentic personal style will make you feel free to wear anything — and everything – in your closet without a second thought.

Intentional perks and advantages

You can expect to benefit immediately from an intentional approach to your seasonal wardrobe when you…

  • Stop wasting your money on clothes you won’t wear;
  • Stop wasting your time browsing endlessly through sales, clearance, and fast fashion;
  • Stop wasting your energy sifting through the overstuffed and underwhelming clutter pit that is your closet;
  • Stop wasting your space, your significant other’s space, your children’s space, or your guests’ space; and
  • Stop feeling bad because marketing ultimately leaves you regretful, remorseful, confused, and unsatisfied.

Your cluttered closet isn’t doing you any favors. It’s taking up more than just your space – it’s littering your brain and restricting growth and expansion in your life, brand, and business.

– How you do one thing is how you do everything, and a wardrobe of confusion and disarray leaves no room to move forward, think fast, or breathe deeply.

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The overview

  1. We’ll begin by finding your style. This is session zero — an open and relaxed discussion to help me understand the styles that speak to you and to start brainstorming ways to level up your wardrobe right away.
  2. Then we’ll move onto cleansing your closet. This involves conducting a closet audit and a closet edit. We’ll take breaks as necessary and go at a pace you’re comfortable with.
  3. After that, we’ll begin creating your closet by going shopping! This can be done online or in person, location permitting. We’ll have a try-on session once your orders arrive.
  4. Next, we’ll start curating your closet. You’ll take pictures of relevant wardrobe items and upload them all to your virtual closet for me to curate.
  5. And lastly, your closet overview. I’ll craft a personalized lookbook using your virtual closet, and deliver a number of versatile and hand-picked looks for you.

The process

Phase 1. Finding your style

We’ll launch into what styles you’re drawn to and why, and then create your personal branding and image. To do this you’ll define your style with keywords like alternative, chic, or creative.

Then, using an imageboard, we’ll pull together visual examples of your style preferences from your keywords that we can reference as we curate your closet.

If you’re struggling to find your keywords, we’ll spend some time discovering those together.

Phase 2. Cleansing your closet

We’ll use the Moda Method TM to conduct a closet audit and a closet edit.

This is your chance to get honest with yourself about what pieces you love, what pieces are no longer serving you, and what pieces you still need to fill any fashion gaps.

Auditing Your Closet

We’ll be looking for pieces in your current wardrobe that answer YES to the three Fs

The Moda Method

  • Does it Fit? — Too big? Too small? It’s tailored or gone. You deserve clothes that fit!
  • Does it Function? — You play football? Keep the cleats. Your clothes must serve your current lifestyle.
  • Does it Flatter? — Expensive shirt? Whatever. Do you like it? Wear what empowers you!

Whether we opt to work in person or virtually, I’ll meet you in your closet and begin a relaxed and comprehensive wardrobe consultation. You should take breaks as needed.

We’ll already have clarity on your style preferences and keywords from Phase 1 so this should be fun and easy!

Editing Your Closet

It should be pretty apparent at this point in the closet cleanse which pieces meet your standards, and which pieces don’t.

There may be some things that you’ll want to keep for sentimental reasons, and that’s ok. And other pieces that almost make the cut. For these pieces, we’ll decide if something is

  • Worth keeping but will require slight alterations or tailoring to fit you just right; or
  • Is no longer worth your money, time, energy, space, or feeling bad about it, and should be donated or consigned.

The process of distilling your wardrobe down to only essential and highly motivating pieces will leave you feeling free!

Phase 3. Creating your closet

Any gaps that we notice in your closet will be filled as we discuss shopping for new and specific pieces to add to your wardrobe.

We’ll talk through the details of why I chose those pieces for you—and help you fill your cart with the pieces you love.

Shopping Options

  • Online shopping: I’ll provide you with a board of hand-picked pieces that you can order at your convenience.
  • In-person shopping: I’ll select stores that align with your needs and that we’re excited to shop at together.
  • Personal shopping: I’ll do the online shopping for you and you’ll receive your orders directly to your doorstep.

When we’re finished shopping and your orders arrive, we’ll have a try-on session, and I’ll help you pair your pieces perfectly.

To make supporting you a breeze, send pictures, videos, or questions to me via Voxer of anything you’re unsure about, and I’ll get back with guidance ASAP.
Phase 4. Curating your closet

Photographing your current wardrobe may take some time depending on how many relevant pieces you have.

Styling Options

  • In-person styling: I take pictures with you to speed things up, and am available via virtual support too!
  • Virtual styling: I support you virtually through email, Voxer, and video—get in touch if you need anything!

Be sure to include the accessories, shoes, and jewelry that you typically wear as well.

It will be easiest to curate a great virtual closet for you if the pieces are laying flat on a contrasting surface. Once you’ve got the images, just upload them to your virtual closet on Hue & Stripe, and I’ll take over from there!

If you need guidance with the photos, we’ll go over some techniques so you can get the most out of the process.

Phase 5. Your closet overview

Using the imageboard we created earlier as inspiration and the photographs we uploaded to Hue & Stripe of your wardrobe, I’ll craft your personalized digital lookbook.

You’ll receive the finished lookbook with outfit suggestions, unique styling options, and plenty of accessorized looks in your Hue & Stripe closet.

During our last meeting to answer any final questions, I’ll go over some creative styling tips you can use to further customize your new looks!

  • Personalized lookbook: 10+ New outfits

Styling pricing

3-month styling to revitalize your closet
Intentional Wardrobe
Midi Moda
  • 1-on-1 Personal Styling
  • Priority Support
  • Seasonal Closet Cleanse
  • Seasonal Closet Creation
  • Seasonal Closet Curation
  • Special Occasion Styling
  • 10+ New Outfits
6-month styling to jumpstart your success
Intentional Wardrobe Pro
Midi Moda
  • 1-on-1 Personal Styling
  • Priority Support
  • 2 Seasonal Closet Cleanses
  • 2 Seasonal Closet Creations
  • 2 Seasonal Closet Curations
  • 2 Special Occasion Stylings
  • 30+ New Outfits
+$875 half-day on-set — 4 hours.
+$1375 full-day on-set — 8 hours.
Travel expenses are not included.
Payment plans are available.

Pro-level styling is great for professionals and entrepreneurs. Ready to work with a stylist all year? Please consider our Brand Styling experience to get even more out of our time together!