Spot Session

Micro Moda

Our Spot Session is the quickest and most relaxed way to overcome your urgent style concerns and get immediate expert attention.

You’re not just getting advice; you’re getting access to personalized styling services designed for your needs.

  • Get immediate answers to your style related questions and alleviate concerns with expert personal styling tips.
  • Enjoy undivided attention whether it’s a quick wardrobe fix or a deep dive into your style evolution.
  • Experience the convenience of a real-time video appointment from the comfort of your home.
Bri helping a spot session client.

It’s your time

1-Hour appointment

This is your time, so come prepared to seize control of your style destiny in a video appointment with your personal stylist.

Because you’re directing the session, you get to decide what the most important areas of focus are. Here are some examples of things we could do during your session:

Spot Session

  • Tackle specific fashion challenges and address immediate style concerns in real-time.
  • Develop a shopping strategy and maximize your budget for key additions to your wardrobe.
  • Identify your key wardrobe pieces and explore fresh ways to style them with your existing items.
  • Get expert guidance on creating a standout look for an upcoming event or special occasion.

Got something else on your mind for our session? That’s okay too! Let us know your expectations for your appointment and we’ll work with your guidance!

Styling pricing

1-hour appointment for expert style tips and advice
Spot Session
Micro Moda
  • 1-Hour Video Appointment
  • Try-On and Show Off Outfits
  • Ask Personal Style Questions
  • Get Direction and Feedback
  • Discover Your Style Modes
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