Closet Cleanse

Mini Moda

Turn your closet into a portal of possibility by decluttering the chaos that plagues and distracts you from the fashion-treasures you already own.

—  Get clarity to reevaluate, reaffirm, and recommit to self-expression with outfits that convey your intentions.

  • Remove accumulation and unnecessary clutter.
  • Release unwanted items and accessories.
  • Meal-prep your closet for your morning.
Bri conducting a closet cleanse

Let it go

Clean and inventory

You owe it to yourself to reclaim your style power! No more sifting through endless piles of clothes you hate wearing.

— Regardless of your wardrobe’s current state, reducing inessentials will clear your past style mistakes!

Closet Cleanse

  • Conquer the chaos, liberate yourself from overwhelm, and make your daily routine a breeze.
  • Unearth forgotten gems buried beneath the chaos, like those killer shoes that got lost in the shuffle.
  • Start your wardrobe renaissance by weeding out ancient, ill-fitting, or worn-out pieces.
  • Bid farewell to clothes with tags, and say goodbye to the Guilt Goblin that haunts you.
  • Eliminate the frustrating moments when you have nothing to wear, even when your closet is full.
  • Identify and celebrate the pieces you adore and ensure your closet is filled only with your favorite items!

Now, armed with a clear vision of what you need, shopping becomes a strategic quest, preventing impulse buys and ensuring each addition enhances your collection.

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The overview

  1. Session Zero is an open and relaxed conversation to help your stylist learn more about the styles that speak to you and generate ideas on how to enrich your style immediately.
  2. The Closet Cleanse is your chance to get honest with yourself about what you love, what is no longer serving you, and what you still need to round out your style.

The process

Session Zero

Session Zero is a foundational discussion about your style history, the styles, textures, and accessories you love and hate, and how you want your identity to be represented through your clothing.

We’ll explore your style icons, define your style keywords, and develop a visual style board that we can reference throughout your service.

Also, as we discover more about your likes and dislikes, we’ll update your visual style board to reflect these changes.

Closet Cleanse

The Closet Cleanse is where we conduct a Closet Audit and Closet Edit to get a snapshot of your wardrobe’s highlights, shortfalls, and holes.

Closet Audit

The Closet Audit is where we examine your wardrobe and check whether or not your clothes support your goals.

Function, Flatter, Fit

  • Function. Your clothes must serve your lifestyle. Buying and owning things you have no use for distracts you from growth.
  • Flatter. You must love yourself in your clothes. We don’t care how much money it was, the brand name, or who gifted it to you.
  • Fit. Too big? Too small? It’s tailored or gone. Your clothes must fit your current body, not your ideal body or your future body.

This process can be a time and energy drain, so we’ll make sure to pace ourselves, relax, and take breaks.

Closet Edit

The Closet Edit is where we process your wardrobe and make hard decisions about what to keep, alter, and cut.

Keep, Alter, Cut

  • We’ll keep sentimental items and keepsakes for as long as you need, displaying them with care.
  • We’ll schedule alterations and another try-on-session for items you love and want to wear.
  • We’ll cut things not worth your money, time, energy, space, or that make you feel bad or guilty.

We’ll try and repurpose your unwanted items, either through consignment, donation, or gifting.

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