Mini Moda

Standard Style Editions

Our Standard Editions let you choose your own style adventure! Each finely crafted à la carte service is designed to resolve even the most pressing fashion emergencies quickly.

— It’s time to kickstart your wardrobe overhaul and overcome overwhelm in as little as one session!

  • Get a Closet Cleanse to clean, sell, donate, or gift clothing and accessories you no longer need.
  • Get a Closet Creation to shop for pieces that align with the company dress code at your new job.
  • Get a Closet Curation to organize looks from your closet for an upcoming conference or event.

Standard editions

Single-session styling services

Closet Cleanse
Step 1: Clean

Get a clear overview of your style preferences and needs by removing clothing and accessories that no longer serve your lifestyle.

Closet Creation
Step 2: Shop

Get personalized shopping pulls that you can shop at your convenience. We’ll find specific articles and accents that best complement you.

Closet Curation
Step 3: Organize

Get a fresh and revitalized digital closet that creatively combines pieces you own to showcase your personal style and self-expression!

Single-Session Service

  • Snapshot of our 3-Step Style Strategy in a single session.
  • Timebound, professional help to make progress quickly.
  • Optimized service made to deliver on one specific goal.

Longer-Term Service

  • Comprehensive approach involving the complete 3-Step Style Strategy as part of our core methodology.
  • Opportunity to discover, develop, and adapt your preferences over time as you learn more about your needs, style, and goals.
  • Consistent and personalized styling that delivers unified results across your entire closet.
  • Ready to start your style journey? Explore Midi Moda, our most popular longer-term service.

Collector bundles

Complete your collection

Our Collector Bundles offer suggestions for mixing and matching single sessions to create your personal ultimate edition!

Satisfy your completionist nature and save 25% by bundling multiple styling services together!

Starter Set
Clean + Shop

Combine Closet Cleanse and Closet Creation to get motivated with an outdated overhaul you needed last century.

2 Single Sessions: $1,200

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Version Patch
Clean + Organize

Combine Closet Cleanse and Closet Curation to get clarity on your physical closet with a personalized digital closet.

2 Single Sessions: $1,200

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Season Pass
Shop + Organize

Combine Closet Creation and Closet Curation to get goal-relevant looks for any event, photoshoot, or special occasion.

2 Single Sessions: $1,200

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One Shot
Clean + Shop + Organize

Combine Closet Cleanse, Closet Creation, and Closet Curation to speedrun a demo version of our 3-Step Style Strategy.

3 Single Sessions: $1,800

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