The Mini Moda

If you’ve been included on anything resembling a guest list, then it might be time to seek guidance on your outfit for the occasion.

Now, it may not be your engagement, bridal shower, wedding day, baby shower, birthday party, etc., but it’s probably your friend’s – or at least your friend’s friend’s… special day!

Similarly, if you’re attending a photoshoot, you should make sure to plan your outfits. Nothing says “successful shoot” like a beautiful location, amazing lighting, stunning backdrop, dreamy color scheme, and impeccably dressed participants.

Bri dancing in a red dress

Special Occasion Styling

You know what to wear on a normal day, you’ve got your style down pat. But what about styling yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime event? The stakes just rose significantly.

Whether you need a second opinion, a shopping expert, or someone to go all-in with you on the day, I’m here to take the stress out of getting dressed for your important occasion!

An event or photoshoot means a lot to you and your loved ones, it’s a special moment that you’ll want to preserve and look back on and think, “Wow, what a great time!”, not “Ugh, what was I thinking wearing that?”.

Let go of the stress of

  • Searching through every suit or dress you own, finding nothing to wear, and getting the distracted “You look fine” from your significant other;
  • Panic shopping after a demanding day of work or on your day off when you’d rather be spending time with your family playing frisbee at the beach;
  • Spending way too much money or energy on yet another outfit you’ll wear once, forget about, and horde for the rest of your life in the back of your closet; and
  • Finally getting there, setting up, having a great time, then seeing the pictures of you with your shirt untucked, your fly down, and the dreaded hair tie on your wrist… oof.

The Breakdown

  1. We’ll begin by Finding Your Style. This is session zero — an open and relaxed discussion to help me understand the styles that speak to you and to start brainstorming ways to level up your wardrobe right away.
  2. Then we’ll move onto Auditing Your Closet to identify any pieces you already own, love, and satisfy your lifestyle right now. Then we’ll launch into the outfit creation process.
  3. After that, we’ll begin Revitalizing Your Closet by going shopping! This can be done online or in person, location permitting. We’ll have a try-on session once your orders arrive.
  4. And lastly, Your Closet Overview. I’ll create a personalized lookbook using your virtual closet, and deliver a number of versatile and hand-picked looks for you.

What to Expect:

Phase 1. Finding Your Style

We’ll launch into what styles you’re drawn to and why, and then create your personal branding and image. To do this you’ll define your personal or business style with keywords like fun, flirty, or badass.

Using an imageboard, such as Pinterest, we’ll pull together visual examples of your style preferences from your keywords that I will reference as I curate your closet.

And don’t worry, If you’re struggling to find your keywords, we’ll spend some time discovering those together.

Phase 2. Auditing Your Closet

We’ll be looking for pieces in your current wardrobe that answer YES to the three F’s

  • Does it Fit?
  • Does it Function?
  • Does it Flatter?

Whether we opt to work in person or virtually, I’ll meet you in your closet and begin a relaxed and comprehensive wardrobe consultation. You should take breaks as needed.

We’ll already have clarity on your style preferences and keywords from Phase 1 so this should be fun and easy!

Comprehensive” for Mini Moda styling means that we will look through the pieces of your wardrobe that are intended to meet the needs of the specific occasion you are being styled for, not your entire closet.
Phase 3. Revitalizing Your Closet

Any gaps that we notice in your newly cleansed closet will be filled as we discuss shopping for new and specific pieces to add to your wardrobe.

We’ll talk through the details of why I chose those pieces for you—and help you fill your cart with the pieces you love.

  • Online Shopping: I’ll provide you with a board of hand-picked pieces that you can order at your leisure.
  • In Store Shopping: I’ll select stores in your area that align with your needs and that you’re excited to shop at.

When you finish shopping and your orders arrive, we’ll have a “try-on” session, and I’ll help you pair your pieces perfectly.

We’ll also finish photographing and uploading images of the final pieces to your virtual closet on Hue & Stripe, and I’ll take over from there!

To make supporting you a breeze, send pictures, videos, or questions to me via Voxer of anything you’re unsure about, and I’ll get back with guidance ASAP.

Special Occasion Plus Only
Phase 4. Your Closet Overview

Using the imageboard we created earlier as inspiration and the photographs we uploaded to Hue & Stripe of your wardrobe, I’ll curate your personalized digital lookbook.

You’ll receive the finished lookbook with outfit suggestions, unique styling options, and plenty of accessorized looks in your Hue & Stripe closet.

During our last meeting to answer any final questions, I’ll go over some creative styling tips you can use to further customize your new looks!

  • Personalized Lookbook: 3+ New Outfits
Take the stress out of dressing for an event
Special Occasion
Mini Moda
  • 1:1 Personal Styling
  • Standard Closet Audit
  • Personalized Lookbook
  • 3+ New Outfits
Take the stress out of shopping for an event
Special Occasion Plus
Mini Moda
  • 1:1 Personal Styling
  • Standard Closet Audit
  • Standard Closet Revitalization
  • Personalized Lookbook
  • 3+ New Outfits
+$600 1/2 day on-site support.
+$1000 full day on-site support.
Cost of travel not included.
Payment plans are available upon request.